Sleep Disturbance and Disease

2008 Sleep in America Poll

The National Sleep Foundation

Average American’s workday is 9 hours and 28 minutes.

Average time spent in bed is 6 hours and 55 minutes—with 6 hours and 40 minutes spent actually sleeping. NSF recommends getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

34% of employers let workers take a nap during breaks—16% provide a place for the nap.

26% of workers would take naps if permitted.

58% of Americans take work home to complete at night.

20% spend over 10 hours a week doing job-related work at home.

Working over 50 hours per week resulted in greater performance problems, such as productivity, impatience and concentration, compared to working 39-40 hours.

A new study published in the September 15, 2008 Biological Psychiatry accumulated evidence that “sleep disturbance is associated with inflammation and related disorders including cardiovascular disease, arthritis and diabetes mellitus.”

Losing only a few hours of sleep can instigate tissue-damaging inflammation, putting patients at risk for heart disease as well as autoimmune disorders (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis).

Staying healthy means taking care of yourself.

Martin Louie, M.D.

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  1. Tiffiny Says:

    Sleep. It’s a common topic in our household, at least the lack of it. Do you have any suggestions on how to get better sleep?


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