Aesthetic Skin Care

Aesthetic-Skin-Care at avie-health-wellnessWe encourage our patients and clients to be healthy on the inside with proper nutrition and exercise, and we also encourage them to pay attention to, and care for their skin. The skin is an external organ.  It is exposed to even more harmful elements than the organs inside our body.  Too much sun exposure, harsh environmental toxins, smoke and smoking, alcohol and poor diet can hasten and wear down skin tissues producing wrinkles, fine lines, blotchy and leathery skin.  We encourage you to protect your skin and care for it. Eat a proper diet, use good sun protection, have a positive attitude and follow a good skin care regime with products that are non-drying and with ingredients that help replenish the nutrients that deplete as we age.

Our search for quality products for office and home use led us to Nu Skin. We found that the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II System and ageLOC gels incorporated into a good skin care regime, can not only help to remove impurities bombarding and imbedded in our skin layers but it also targets the symptoms of aging at its source. AgeLOC enhances cellular energy, improves circulation, improves tone and texture and delivers back into the skin key ingredients that will decrease damage caused by free radicals. As a medical office we were impressed by the science and research behind the products.  We use it in our office and we use it ourselves at home. We offer the Nu Skin products as well as offer mini-facials. We would be happy to share with you more information about Nu Skin or you can visit their website at

We all age…no one can stop it or its effects, but taking care of your skin can help defy the look of aging and help you feel better as well as look better.  Do your research and find out what works best for you. Remember to look your best, feel your best and do your best.