Medications, Supplements and Vitamins, Oh My!

Medications, vitamins and supplementsThere are not that many people out there that are NOT taking some kind of medication, vitamin or supplement.

Let Your Doctor Know

Make sure that you always let your physician(s) know what medications, vitamins or supplements you are taking. When in doubt, bring your medication(s), supplement(s), and or vitamins(s) with you to each appointment. Not all medications, supplements and vitamins work well together.

The Pharmacy is Your Friend

Try to use the same pharmacy if you can. Get to know your pharmacist and let him, or her, get to know you. When possible, use a pharmacy that uses a computerized system to keep a log of your medications as well as medication allergies. It helps lessen the possibility of drug interactions especially when you have more than one physician prescribing medications for you. It is up to you to notify your pharmacy or physician well in advance of needing a refill so you do not run the risk of not having any of your medication left on a Saturday evening of a three day weekend. This allows the pharmacy time to get your physicians’ approval if needed, and/ or order medication that they might not necessarily have on hand.

Pill Tracker Medications AppTake As Directed

Always take your medications, supplements and or vitamins as directed by your physician. And if you weren’t aware there are even apps for that!  If you find that you are having difficulty taking any medication as directed contact your prescribing doctor.

Keep Others in the Know!

We recommend to our patients to keep an updated list of all medications, supplements and vitamins in a place where a family member or friend can get to it in case of an emergency. Make sure you include your full name, date of birth, any allergies to food and medications, any health conditions and the names and phone numbers of your physicians. Print it out on the computer, type it or print very clearly so everyone can easily read it.  In an emergency time cannot be wasted trying to decipher illegible handwriting. If you live alone…keep the list in an envelope on your refrigerator door with a notation on the front of the envelope “In case of medical emergency for Paramedics or first responders”. Include the name and contact numbers of family or friends that you may wish emergency staff to contact in case of an emergency. Many health insurance plans and pharmacies can supply you with these forms, but if not it is easy to create one yourself. It will take a little time and effort… but it could very well save your life or the life of someone you love.

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