Medical Acupuncture Laguna Hills

Wonderful News! Dr. Louie has added medical acupuncture to the list of medical services provided in his Laguna Hills office.

Medical Acupuncture differs from traditional acupuncture in that it is performed by a physician. As a physician he can combine Western medicine therapies with acupuncture to promote healing benefits. This approach of combining two totally different therapies utilizes the understanding of the modern medicine modality and at the same time embraces the ancient art of traditional acupuncture.

Acupuncture has its limitations and is not a “cure all” especially for long term chronic conditions, but it can be used to help alleviate or lessen some of the symptoms or even side effects of medications.

Most commonly acupuncture is used to help minimize muscle and skeletal pain. Over all, acupuncture can be used to help alleviate or lessen pain and discomfort, help the body and mind to relax and promote natural healing.

Get more information on medical acupuncture and how Dr Louie uses it is his practice.

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