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HCG Weight loss follow up

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

We think medically supervised weight loss programs such as Optifast work very well. Having said that there are those that want the HCG diet plan but don’t want to deal with the daily injections.

An Hcg cream has been developed for us and we are researching the effects vs the injections. I’ll post the results soon.

HCG Diet Plan

Friday, November 20th, 2009

We’ve had positive feedback from patients who have used the HCG Diet plan. People do lose weight. One issue is loss of weight while minimizing loss of lean body mass. Another issue is maintaining the weight loss. As in this and other weight management programs, having and effective maintenence strategy is key to keeping the weight off in addition to managing calories.

I  am encouraging my HCG patients to blog their feedback as well as anyone who is or has used HCG for weight loss.


Holiday Temptations

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I love the holidays. Not for the gifts and surprises but for the people. the joy, the laughter, and the togetherness that it brings.  The one thing I do not look forward to though, is the challenges and temptations that this season rolls in with. The holidays not only bring out the best in people but their cooking and baking skills seem to excel this time of year. For whatever reason when you are on the full OPTIFAST meal replacement, the smells are more enticing and even just the sight of any holiday delectable, except maybe fruitcake, brings a temptation that only those of us who are watching our weight know.  From now until New Years Day there will be so many opportunities to slip back into old habits.  Parties, food gifts, candy, pot lucks and family gatherings are just some of the seasonal events that produce baked goods, pies, cakes and candy.  Even if one tries to avoid those tasty morsels and tries to stick to healthier foods we need to remember that for some reason even the healthiest foods tend to be heaped with sauces, creams and frosting this time of year.  During this season try not to fall into the tomorrow trap…I wil eat what I want today and start my diet again tomorrow…we all know that tomorrow will soon turn into next week then next month and then the promise of starting the first of the year.  Now we are starting all over again!

We each need to remember how hard it has been to get us to the point where we are today.  It takes a lot of dedication and determination to lose weight. Look at the weight you have lost. Think about how much better you feel. Don’t your clothes feel and look better on you? Ask yourself do I really want to eat this feast and set myself back?  Is it really worth it?  For those who are eating food now or are on partial OPTIAST meal repleacement and are maintaining your weight, please remember how hard it was to get you to this point.  Put into practice all you have learned about eating healthy during your trek to getting to your optimal weight. Make good food choices and do not over indulge.  Losing weight is much easier than keeping it off.  sometimes maintaining a healthy weight is the true test of our dedication and determination.

Enjoy the holidays and remember that in this season of togetherness that you are not alone.  give yourself the best gift of all… a healthy happy holiday.

Maple Delight: Pour 12 ounces of chilled diet Dr. Pepper and 1 drop of maple extract into a blender.  Add contents of one OPTIFAST 800 Vanilla Powder packet and a pinch of cinnamon. Blend at the lowest speed for 5 seconds until dissolved.  Serve over ice.

Happy Holidays!

Laurie, Optifast Program Director