Avie Health and Wellness

About Avie Health We are a medical health and wellness center focusing on your total health. We utilize complementary integrative medicine and traditional family medicine concepts which targets health care on the total health of the individual.

East Meets West

Although we do treat common illnesses, we will focus on preventive health strategies to prevent illness. Our aim is to limit and delay not only the effects of aging but illness as well. Care is individualized and patient centered.

We believe health is a balance of mind and body. A healthy mind, good nutrition, exercise and individualized treatment strategies for risks which cause disease and premature aging are the key ingredients to a long and healthy life.

Complementary Alternative Medicine ( CAM ) used alone or in combination with traditional medicine therapies. Examples of complementary alternative medicine therapies are medical acupuncture, massage, IV vitamin and nutritional therapies, Colon hydrotherapies, and exercise prescriptions such as yoga.

We invite you to explore the many facets of our health and wellness services. Our goal is to work with you to help make you well, keep you well, and help you look and feel younger using traditional and integrative medicines. We want you to experience the difference between living and just being alive.

Weight Loss

Opti Fast Weight Loss Program at Avie Health and WellnessMedically supervised weight loss – Comprehensive program meal replacement, nutrition and behavior modification and lifestyle changes. Medications where appropriate as well as complementary therapies such as acupuncture.

Age Management Medicine

Age Management Services at Avie Health in Laguna Hills CAEveryone ages. To date there are no anti-aging pills. We can delay the effects of aging, with exercise, nutrition and hormone therapies when needed. With Age Management Medicine we can all strive to age well and stay healthy and productive as long as possible.